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Deeper Skies refers to the beauty of distant and exotic places, those that we fantasize about while slogging through the drudgery of our daily lives.  It comes from the Dorothy Parker poem, “Hearthside,” about a woman who longs to travel but laments she never will.  Though I have had the fortune to travel extensively, that feeling of wishing I could be elsewhere never leaves me.  Through this blog, I hope to inspire and satisfy those of you with a similar longing to explore unfamiliar places.

In this blog, you will find practical travel advice, particularly geared towards readers who, like me, have a spirit of adventure and curiosity that propels them beyond the usual vacation spots.  The suggestions I give are based on my travels to faraway places like Colombia, Mozambique, the Republic of Georgia and Easter Island, but also to weekend destinations a short driving distance from San Francisco, where I live.  In all cases, the emphasis is on places that are not widely known and where you can travel comfortably on a moderate budget.  In every place I visit, no matter how remote, I aim to indulge in the pleasures of a restful holiday.

With this framework in mind, I suggest specific itineraries, hotels, restaurants and other travel finds that will appeal to readers planning trips and those looking for a momentary escape from their daily routines.  I only suggest those travel finds that I consider truly exceptional, the kinds of places I would return to in a heartbeat and which I recommend enthusiastically to all of my friends.  I also share photographs and occasional stories from my travels.  I invite guest contributions from those of you willing to share your own travel discoveries.  If you wish to contribute or leave me a comment, I can be reached at virginia@deeper-skies.com.

Ilha de Moçambique, Mozambique.

Ilha de Moçambique, Mozambique. Photograph by Virginia Abbott. Edited in Snap Art 3 for Lightroom.

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