Los Valles Calchaquies, Argentina

Vineyard near Cafayate

The Calchaqui Valley is situated high in the mountains of Salta Province in Northwest Argentina.  A river cuts across this long and arid valley that is defined by its stunning variety of landscapes: lush oases, strange and colorful rock formations, snowy peaks and vast plains dotted by sand and flowering cacti.

This week, Jorge and I embarked on a three day road trip through the Calchaqui Valley. We started in Salta, a busting city of 650,000 inhabitants and the capital of Salta province.  From there, we drove to Cachi, a tiny mountain village with cobblestone streets and colonial style buildings in the shadow of the towering Nevado de Cachi and finally to Cafayate, a larger town encircled by vineyards and red rock mountains.  Below are some photos we took from the road.

Parque Nacional Los Cardones

Oasis near CachiSeclantesQuebrada de las FlechasQuebrada de las Conchas

5 thoughts on “Los Valles Calchaquies, Argentina

  1. Hola Virginia, Por fin! Hemos estado esperando ansiosamente tus primeros comentarios y fotos. Las fotos están fabulosas. Que lugar mas interesante y exótico. A la verdad que los envidio.
    Espero que no hayan tenido mas contratiempos. Y tómense una foto para verlos aunque sea de lejos.
    Un beso para los dos.

  2. Hola Virginia¡ voy siguiendo vuestro periplo es fascinante ..lo de la” merienda”de bolivia me llego al alma puesto que es España es muy muy habitual……besos


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